Thymus c. 'Aureus'- Lemon Thyme

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Thymus c. '

Thymus c. Aureus

Lemon Thyme

  • Great texture
  • Tiny deep, green foliage edged in bright gold
  • Mounding, spreading form
  • Great for cooking, teas, aromatherapy and more
  • Strong lemon scent
  • Easy to grow
  • Great in containers, windows, or for cutting
What a showy plant! You'll love this plant's great texture but you'll marvel at its tiny deep green foliage edged in the brightest gold. Golden lemon thyme makes a great show in the garden as it mounds and spreads but its real beauty is its array of uses in cooking, teas, aromatherapy, and more! Its strong lemon scent is a breath of fresh air and it's such an easy plant to grow. It's perfect for full sun and loves growing in containers on a deck or in a sunny window where you'll be tempted to cut it repeatedly just for the joy of that strong citrus aroma! Perennial.
Cut Flower/Foliage
Cut Flower/Foliage
Full Sun
Full Sun

Characteristics and Attributes

  • Attributes:

    • Container
    • Edible
    • Fragrant
    • Cut Flower/Foliage
  • Foliage Color:

    • Green
    • Gold
  • Programs:

    • Sara's Superb Herbs
  • Exposure:

    • Full Sun
  • Habit:

    • Mounding

Aureus'- Lemon Thyme