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Color: Green Shades
Height: 15-18 Inches
Spread: 24-30 Inches
Zone: 3-8
  • Dense, flat and tight form
  • Colorful variegation
  • Blue-edged leaves with white centers change to a dark chartreuse
  • Lavender flowers in late July
There's a lot to love about this variegated sport of 'Halcyon', from its dense, tight, flattened, globe-like from in the garden to its multi-faceted variegation. 'June' is colorful from the get-go as it emerges in the spring with leaves that unfold blue-edged with a bright creamy-white center. As the leaves age, this garden chameleon changes its shade as the center variegation morphs to a pleasing dark, yet electric chartreuse. Flower scapes rise a full 20" above the foliage to reveal lavender flowers in late July. This is a very easy Hosta to grow, looks great in groups, and will deliver the best coloration with morning sun and afternoon shade.
Partial Sun
Partial Sun
Partial Shade
Partial Shade

Characteristics and Attributes

    • Flower Color:

      • Lavender
    • Foliage Color:

      • Variegated
      • Chartreuse
      • White
      • Multi-Color
      • Blue
    • Season of Interest (Flowering):

      • Summer
  • Exposure:

    • Partial Sun
    • Partial Shade