Cotyledon Bear's Paw (Succulent)

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Cotyledon Tomentosa is also known as “Bear’s Paw.” Most notable features of this succulent are the beautifully thick, but fuzzy leaves each has around 3 to 10 (claw-shaped) ends that come out of the leaves. An interesting fact about the Bear Paw is that when the plant is doing well, the leaf tips change color into a deep red.


When watering the Cotyledon tomentosa (or Bear’s Paw) be careful it is a plant that is sensitive to over-watering. It is a plant that needs to be thoroughly drenched in water and dried before watering again. 

  • Thrives best full sun
  • Can die easily if overwatered
  • Size: It grows to be 30,5 cm (or 12 inches) tall
  • Wide: Grows to be 61 cm (or 24″) wide
  • Does not handle cold well
  • Best propagated with seeds and cuttings
  • Known to be toxic to people and animals.
  • Grows best during Spring and Fall