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Blue flowers seem to be the Holy Grail of the garden and many perennials claim to be have blue flowers only to have them turn out to be a mixture of blue and purple hues that may be striking but not the true blue that gardeners crave. Thanks to the efforts of hybridizer extraordinaire Darrel Probst, this new Gentian will actually provide the blue flowers that every gardener dreams about. With a name like 'True Blue' it better come through and it does bearing brilliant, upward facing, truly blue 2" flowers up and down its stems from mid July into September. 'True Blue' is not just a landscape one trick pony. Its thin, smooth, green, lance shaped leaves add nice texture to the garden and provide the perfect backdrop for its bright flowers while its tight bunching stems produce a form that is pleasing and easy to use in the middle of any half to full day sun location. But beware, 'True Blue' is ready to add colors other than blue to your's ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds will make this plant an even more valuable commodity for your landscape!