Sedum 'Lemonjade' - Autumn Stonecrop

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Series: Rock 'N Grow®

  • Exciting new YELLOW flowers
  • 5-7" panicles of flowers
  • Flowers turn a rosy pink with the cooler fall temps.
  • Grey green, toothed foliage
  • Strong upright, clumping form

Diversify your fall Sedum varieties with this unique yellow flowered selection. Unlike most autumn stonecrops which have pink flowers, ‘Lemonjade’ bears large 5-7” panicles of bright citron yellow flowers which completely cover the top of the foliage in early fall. As the cold weather sets in, the seed heads take on rosy peach tones.

This is a compact selection with a stocky, upright mounded habit. It does not split open when it blooms like so many older Sedums do. Its grey-green, toothed foliage remains clean all season long.

Characteristics and Attributes

  • Flower Color:

    • Yellow
  • Foliage Color:

    • Green
    • Gray
  • Programs:

    • Proven Winners
  • Habit:

    • Upright