Crassula Ovata 'Hobbit' (Succulent / Jade)

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'Hobbit' (Crassula ovata): A monstrose sport of the much-loved Jade Plant. In warm climates (zone 9+) it can grow outdoors as a small shrub, but it also really shines as a low maintenance indoor plant, because it tolerates low-light conditions. When grown indoors, this plant stays small and its woody branches even lend themselves to bonsai pruning.

The leaves of Hobbit Jade curl in upon themselves with tips that turn red in direct sun. Jade plants can bloom in winter with impressive clusters of delicate white flowers.

Jade tolerates extended drought and should be kept in containers with drainage holes and gritty, well-draining soil. Water deeply, but only when the soil is completely dry. Once your plant is mature, it can easily be propagated from stem cuttings.

PLEASE NOTE: Crassula ovata can cause mild digestive irritation if consumed.

Color - Primary

Green / Lime

Color - Secondary

Red / Burgundy

Bloom Color

White Bloom

Cold Hardiness

Zone 10 (30F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Low Indoor Light, Filtered / Partial Sun

Maximum Height

Over 12"

Growth Habit / Shape

Vertical Grower / Tall Stem, Shrub


Blooms in Fall / Winter

Product Format

3.5" Pot

Special Characteristic

Hard to Kill, Slow Grower, Easy to Propagate