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Key Feature
Showy Flowering Vine
Light Needs
Partial to full sun
Watering Needs:Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil - weekly, or more often.
Botanical Pronunciation:man-de-VIL-le-a
Growth habit:Trailing, Upright
Growth rate:Moderate
Average landscape size:Moderate growing, bushy vine with twining stems 10 to 15 ft. long.
Foliage color:Green
Blooms:Early Summer into Fall
Flower color:Pink
Flower attributesLong Bloom Season, Showy Flowers
Garden styleCottage, Tropical
Patent Act:Asexual reproduction of plants protected by the Plant Patent Act is prohibited during the life of the patent.
Companion PlantsFountain Grass (Pennisetum); Hibiscus (Hibiscus); Princess Flower (Tibouchina); Plumbago (Plumbago); Lantana (Lantana)