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Caragana arborescens 'Walker'

Walker Weeping Pea Tree 

  • Super hardy specimen plant!
  • Small deciduous tree
  • Delicate weeping form
  • Feathery green foliage
  • Yellow, pea-like flowers in spring
  • Cold, wind, and poor soil tolerant
  • Great plant for hard growing conditions
  • Category: Tree / Shrub
  • Hardiness Zone:2-8
  • Height:5-6 ft
  • Spread:3-4 ft
  • Bloom Color: Yellow Shades
  • Foliage Color: Green Shades 

Small deciduous tree with a delicate weeping form. Finely-dissected green foliage is arranged in small, feathery leaflets, producing a soft, fern-like texture. In spring, yellow, pea-like flowers adorn the tree for lovely spring color. Very tolerant of cold temperatures, as well as salt, wind, and poor soil. A great choice for difficult growing conditions.

Foliage Color
• Green
Maintenance and Care
• Cold Tolerant
• Low Maintenance
• Salt Tolerant
Flower Color
• Yellow
Season of Interest (Flowering)
• Spring
• Full Sun
• Partial Shade
• Upright

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Caragana arborescens ''Walker'' 

Plant in full sun to part shade in any type of soil. Feed with an organic fertilizer in spring. Little pruning required to maintain the shape but light pruning is best in late winter before new growth begins.