Acer palmatum ´Pixie´ - Dwarf Japanese Maple

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    Acer palmatum ´PIXIE´

    The realm of trees is extensive and diverse, yet few types capture the senses as much as a Japanese maple does.

    The Pixie dwarf Japanese maple is a petite yet robust tree that is a marvel of nature, boasting a stunning display of color and form that makes it a standout in any landscape.

    With a compact size and vibrant foliage, what’s not to love?

    • This tree is a compact, upright variety that typically grows to a height and width of 5-6 feet. It has vibrant, changing foliage that ranges from bright red to purple or wine red in the spring and summer and turns to a fiery red or orange in the fall.
    • The Pixie Japanese maple is adaptable to a variety of soil conditions but prefers slightly acidic, well-drained soil. It can tolerate partial shade to full sun, but in hotter climates, some afternoon shade is beneficial.
    • Regular watering, especially in extreme heat, is important for this tree.
    • Pixie is versatile in landscape settings, ideal for small gardens, courtyards, or container planting. Good companion plants include hostas, ferns, and rhododendrons, which all enjoy similar light and soil conditions.

    Botanical Name Acer palmatum ‘Pixie’
    Type Dwarf, upright
    Mature Height 5-6 feet
    Mature Width 5-6 feet
    Growth Rate Slow to moderate
    Adaptability Adaptable to a variety of conditions
    Light Preferences Partial shade to full sun
    Ideal Soil Slightly acidic, well-drained soil
    Watering Needs Regular watering, especially in extreme heat
    Spring and Summer Foliage Bright red to purple
    Fall Foliage Fiery red to orange