Rose David Austin 'The Lady Gardener' English Shrub Rose

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This is a particularly interesting rose in that it is the first in the English Old Rose group which has apricot flowers. These are large, about 4" across, and of a beautiful shade of rich pure apricot that pales towards the outside of the bloom. They are of a rosette shape and very full petalled with a large button eye that gradually opens up; the petals loosely arranged in a quartered formation. There is a particularly lovely and strong tea fragrance which has hints of cedar wood and vanilla.
  • Rose Type English Rose 
  • Growth Type Shrub Rose
  • Sub Type English Old Rose Hybrid
  • Color Apricot
  • Fragrance Strength Medium Fragrance
  • Flowering Repeat Flowering
  • Disease Resistance Excellent
  • Height 4.5ft
  • Width 4ft 
  • Suitable for zones Zones 5-11
  • Petal Count 65 petals
  • Tolerant of Shade 
  • Light