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Color: Red Shades
Height: 18-24 Inches
Spread: 18-20 Inches
Zone: 3-8
  • Strawberry red petals around golden flower centers
  • Small but impactful flowers
  • Long green stems
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Great for a sunny border
  • Drought tolerant and easy to grow

Strawberry red petals surrounds a golden center although the flowers are small they prouce quite in impact clustered together atop long green stems. Strawberry Seduciton will seduce you just as easily as it will seduce the butterflies to your garden especially if planted in a sunny border. Drught tolerant once established and easy to grow, a real winner in the landscape!

Drought Tolerant
Drought Tolerant
Border or Bed
Border or Bed
Full Sun
Full Sun

Characteristics and Attributes

    • Attributes:

      • Drought Tolerant
      • Border or Bed
    • Flower Color:

      • Red
      • Yellow
  • Exposure:

    • Full Sun