Anethum graveolens - Fernleaf Dill

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Anethum graveolens - Fernleaf Dill

Color: Green Shades
Height: 16-18 Inches
Spread: 16-18 Inches
Zone: 8-10
  • Frilly and fine leaves
  • Dense form of dill
  • Great for dressing, salads and cooked vegetables
  • Easy to grow
  • Great for containers
Fine, frilly and flavorful, this dense form of dill puts the zing in dressings, salads and cooked vegetables. Dill loves to grow in full sun, does well in containers, and is very easy to grow. Keep snipping to prevent flowering, which will negatively alter the taste of the plant. Avoid snipping the main stem when possible. Harvest side shoots. Annual
Full Sun
Full Sun

Characteristics and Attributes

    • Attributes:

      • Edible
      • Container
    • Programs:

      • Sara's Superb Herbs
  • Exposure:

    • Full Sun