10" New Guinea Impatiens Hanging Basket - Various Colors

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New Guinea impatiens are a great choice for a long-blooming flower for a sunny spot in your garden. Like their shade-loving cousins the common impatiens, New Guinea impatiens form small clumps and hold their many flowers above their foliage, where they make a colorful display. No deadheading is required to keep them repeat blooming for months. With few pests or problems, New Guinea impatiens offer low maintenance and high performance.

Their pointed oblong leaves stay attractive throughout the season and are glossy, dark green, burgundy, or variegated. The flowers are similar to but larger than the flowers of common impatiens. They have five thick petals and produce lots of nectar, attracting butterflies. 

Botanical Name Impatiens hawkeri
Common Name New Guinea Impatiens
Plant Type Annual flower
Mature Size 12 to 18 inches tall, spread 6 to 9 inches wide
Sun Exposure Full Sun to Part Shade
Soil Type Loose, rich soil
Soil pH 6.0 to 6.5
Bloom Time Continuous
Flower Color Pink, White, Purple
Hardiness Zones 10, 11, 12
Native Area New Guinea