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Prunus X Redgold

Redgold Nectarine 

  • »  Semi-dwarf
  • »  Well-known and rewarding nectarine for the home orchard
  • »  Large fruit with deep red skin
  • »  Sweet, juicy yellow flesh
  • »  Great for fresh eating or in preserves or other desserts
  • »  Ripens mid-August
  • »  Rounded, compact form
  • »  Tolerant of urban pollution
  • »  Fragrant pink flowers late April
  • »  Self-fruitful

(Semi-Dwarf) The very flavorful 'Redgold' is one of the most well known of all Nectarines and one of the most rewarding for the home orchard. It's a large, glossy, highly colored fruit with deep red skin and firm, very sweet and very juicy, golden yellow, freestone flesh. It stores well and tastes delicious making it a favorite for fresh eating even though it stands out in preserves and other dessert recipes. 'Redgold' ripens in mid-August and its nice rounded form is perfect for planting under telephone wires or in urban landscapes because of its compact size and tolerance to urban's been known to thrive in inner city conditions, its only requirement being well-drained soils and sunlight! Fragrant pink flowers load up the branches in late April really putting on a show. Even better, 'Redgold' is self-fruitful allowing it to produce large crops of Nectarines without having to have another pollinating variety nearby.Category: Edibles

  • Hardiness Zone:5-8
  • Height:10-12 Feet
  • Spread:10-12 Feet
  • Bloom Color: Red Shades